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Life Updates + Revamping Fandomly Bookish

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Hello, Hello! It has been a while since I’ve blogged in here, right? You know what, I actually missed having fun here since for the past few months I only have Facebook and Twitter as my venue to dump in my thoughts and feels. With my blogging mojo quite back and comeback blog post up last Sunday night, I’m grabbing this chance right now and decided to craft another. This blog post will be divided into three subheadings: Bookish Self, Fangirlish Life and Revamping Me. I’ll be sharing some things that got me busy while I was away from the blogging community and I will also take this chance to introduce some blog changes aka probable new features that you’ll be seeing around here in the future. I’m fully hoping that these plans will really pan out.


Quick check on my 2016 Goodreads’ Reading Challenge, I’ve set my goal to read 50 books which is basically half of my previous reading challenges. Back in 2012 or 2013, 50 books would be an easy feat for me to accomplish. If I had this goal back then, I’m sure I’m already done with it. But then I lowered it this year because of my reading slump case for the most part of 2015 and during the start of this year was so bad. I have this list of my most anticipated reads and all but that reading slump was seriously killing my mood and ruining my plans. As an update for my reading challenge, I currently need three more books to be able to complete it. So even though I’ve been a slow reader, it looks like I could still exceed my goal to 60 or 70 books before this year ends. Not bad, huh? 

And since I haven’t been sharing a lot of book reviews here, let me list down some of my 2016 top favorites and recommended reads, so far. It's a mix of genre from Young Adult Fantasy to YA Contemporary and New Adult to Romance. In that way, you can take a pick as to what suits your mood and what your feels crave for.

F*ck Love by Tarryn Fisher | Goodreads - Amazon
Truthwitch by Susan Dennard | Goodreads - Amazon - MY Book Review 
Ten Below Zero by Whitney Barbetti | Goodreads - Amazon - Ramblings on GR
In this Life by Christine Brae | Goodreads - Amazon - MY Book Review
A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas | Goodreads - Amazon

Paper Princess by Erin Watt | Goodreads - Amazon - Currently writing my book review
Broken Prince by Erin Watt | Goodreads - AmazonCurrently writing my book review
Girl Against the Universe | Goodreads - Amazon - MY Book Review 
Bossman by Vi Keeland | Goodreads - Amazon
It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover | Goodreads - Amazon - A Short Note to Colleen Hoover

Not counted in my reading challenge are the Wattpad stories that I’ve read this year. Whoa! Wait, stop rolling your eyes at me! I know that there are some of you who roll their eyes upon the mention of Wattpad. The truth is picking out stories to read on that platform is really a challenge and there’s a possibility that you’re going to experience something uhm bad (read a cringe-worthy story or you're editing the story instead of reading it). I'm sorry if you ever experienced that but I hope you won't generalize the app's content because seriously there are gems hidden in it. Whenever I feel like not reading a book or picking something out on my Kindle – I turn to Wattpad. 

Just like with what I did with the international books, I'm going to list down some of my 2016 favorite Wattpad reads. These stories just reeled me in. Probably because of the angst, humor, feels, dramatics and how I can easily relate towards the characters and the story. I read quite a number of Wattpad stories this year since I had marathon of stories from various authors but for this blog post, I'm only featuring 10 stories. If you want to talk to me about the other Wattpad stories, then you can just hit me up on Twitter (@fandomlybookish). I also felt the need to keep up with stories published on that app since there was a crazy increase of Wattpad reader followers on my Twitter account.

The Spaces in Between by Shirlengtearjerky | SLOW BURN. Right off the bat, TSIB caught my attention with that unique, intriguing and haunting prologue. Goosebumps. At that point, I know that I have to keep reading it. I'm very impressed with the narrations and dialogues which were highly entertaining and informative. A BIG (BIG BIG) check mark for TSIB's development: plot, characters and relationship wise. The story clearly showcased the growth of each characters and their dynamics as a pairing. It's also not the typical "artista" story wherein you always find the lead character flocked and stalked with fangirls everywhere. TSIB is so out of that box. Oh how I love the word porn and the banters that took place between Zades and Andreau. Such intellectual and witty characters! Lastly, the build up for Zades and Andreau's relationship was soooo good. Slow burn with a "so married couple" feels. Well, that's how Zades and Andreau works. 

Waves of Memories by Jonaxx| This is still an on-going story and currently consuming most my thoughts. Oh hello, theories!

Tripped by Jonaxx | Ate J's best story, so far. But she has WOM right now and I think the complexity and awesomeness of that story can rival with Tripped's. 

Falling for the Billionairess by Elise Estrella | I actually have a thread for this on Twitter wherein I reacted right after I finished the story. FFTB is written in the male character's POV, Ash. I love how his POV is very interactive with all the questions and side comments inserted all through out the story. The romance aspect was beautiful and it was very endearing how it aided for FFTB to be a character-driven story. It was such a pleasure to witness Ash's character develop and I salute him for the all the changes that transpired in him. In addition to that, Ash is truly a swoon-worthy character so be prepared to be swept off of your feet. 

Wrath by RainbowColoredMind | Mind f*ck! The last few paragraphs and closing line were definitely impressive and gives off a punch in the gut feels. 

I Just Loved Too by JhingBautista
I Just Loved Again by JhingBautista
The Artist by JhingBautista
Wifely Duties by FrustratedGirlWriter
Irresistible Eugene by FrustratedGirlWriter

That's it for my favorites! I hope these lists will tide you over for your reading challenges or just for your reading pleasure. 


Back in February, I was faced with a terrible urge to watch anime. It was so sudden that I don't even know where that urge came from. I gave in and ended up watching Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge and Vampire Knight. But my marathon nights didn't end there, though. It eventually led into rewatching classic Asianovelas (Princess Hours [I have a write-up for PH which will be posted soon], It Started with a Kiss, Itazura Na Kiss and Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge). During that time, I consciously or unconsciously started liking Korean related Facebook pages and there came a time wherein my news feed was flooded with Korean updates. And that's where I got a hold of Descendants of the Sun aka the Korean drama that pulled me in, once again. Facebook and Twitter friends can attest to how I went gaga over that show and duh - Song Joong Ki! It was crazy to be part of the DOTS craze from the start and was able to witness how fast it gained popularity and the social media hype turned massively. 

I thought I was already done with anything Korean and Descendants of the Sun was just a fluke. That I can resume to my reader self who ignores drama series left and right. But apparently, NOT. 

July came and that's it ... I've sunk even further. 

Into the depths of all-Korean things. 

Now you ask me, what catapulted me to where I am now? I'm blaming it on W - Two Worlds, Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo! Back in May, I saw an article talking about W's premise and it immediately got me curious. From then on, I was low-key checking it out and I can remember during that time I didn't even care about the lead actors for this drama. I was just all for the story. But when teasers started pouring out and airing date came, I saw how great Jong Suk and Hyo Joo were. Add the behind-the-scenes videos and photo shoot sessions that MBC released and I was so done. The chemistry for the leads were very noticeable and I already knew that I'm going to be more invested to the story. Seeing them on-cam and off-cam makes me extremely happy that I couldn't fight off the grin from spreading on my face. They give me so much feels that I could probably combust because of it. Here I am now, just waiting for the FINALE to be aired till I say goodbye to this awesome drama and pairing. Though, I'm praying that Jong Suk and Hyo Joo will be given another opportunity to work together - another drama? Movie? Commercial films? Magazine covers? I'll take all of that (or any of that)

But in case you've been living under a rock, here's a snippet of #WTwoWorlds feature from Soompi to give you a feel of the story: “W,” a romantic suspense melodrama taking place in Seoul 2016, will revolve around different dimensions, with characters moving between reality and false reality. As the plot unfolds moving in and out of different realities, unforeseeable crisis and conflicts will arise for the characters creating an exciting suspense. With a new and creative premise setting it apart from other fantasy dramas, “W” is expected to have shocking twists and turns. 

A quick rundown of what I love about this drama: W has a unique concept, unpredictable & crazy plot (plot twists!!!), cool graphics inserted through out the show, flawlessly done transitions from one world to another, great actors (Lee Jong Suk, Han Hyo Joo, Kim Eui Sung and Lee Si Eon) and intense chemistry between the main couple. I easily fell and got hooked with this show. I'm just hoping that they'll be able to seamlessly tie everything up and execute a fitting & satisfying ending for the series. In my opinion, W deserves a "Descendants of the Sun"-like hype. 

W is not the end of my Korean fangirl self, tho. I also got hooked up with other Korean dramas as I watch W. Actually, I'm having a  hard time with juggling and  catching up with the latest episodes for each drama. 

So little time. 
Lots of great Korean dramas popping out. 

My list for upcoming dramas is starting to shape up too with The K2, Hwarang: The Beautiful Knights and Lee Min Ho & Jun Ji Hyun's, The Legend of the Blue Sea, already part of it.   

Through the original soundtracks of these dramas, I had a reason to get acquainted with the Korean music scene too. The songs that each of these dramas releases are catchy at fault and truly encapsulates the theme and feels of the story. The people behind it are doing a great job in moving and getting their viewers hooked with the show itself and with the songs that they are using. For me, it's like I cannot not look for every song that was played in a momentous, lighthearted or any scene on the show. I have to listen to it and reminisce the scene in which it was played. 

Aside from OSTs, I've also been listening to songs from Korean girl and boy groups. I thought I never do this and go through this again. I'm even surprised with myself. The last time that I did this was way back when I was still in 2nd year college and songs from Super Junior, SHINEE and Girls' Generation are part of my playlist. Now in 2016, I'm currently into BLACKPINK and EXO. Fun fact: When YG started teasing about BLACKPINK, I was low key following the news about their debut. When debut day came, I was one of those viewers on YG's V-LIVE app and I went crazy on my SNS about them.  


Recently, I changed my Twitter bio to "Thoughts heavily infiltrated by books, Jonaxx stories, Jong Suk x Hyo Joo, #WTwoWorlds and other Korean dramas". I felt the need to change it because my tweets are not just about books anymore and now mostly directed towards these stuff. It got me into thinking that maybe I could inject these on my blog for some change too. Jonaxx isn't a new topic here on my blog since I previously had blog posts dedicated to her and her works. But maybe I could write an update to it or write a review for her latest stories. I could do a feature of other Wattpad stories and authors. Maybe I could also write Korean drama reviews, episode reviews, weekly Korean playlists and just basically feature anything Korean. So yeah. Those are my current thoughts and plans for my blog. What do you say? Is it a good idea? Please let me know your thoughts on the comment section below! It would help me a lot. It would help this blog a lot. Thank you! :) 

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